ARTICLE SUMMERY: Every designer is familiar with A/B testing, every designer is familiar with Multivariate testing, but not every designer is sure what the difference is and what each test is well suited for. This article will help clear that up.

Justinmind takes the time to help you understand that A/B testing is good for among other things:

  • Test versions of a website
  • Headlines
  • Call to action buttons
  • Graphic imagery used throughout your product

While Multivariate testing is good for:

  • Testing both text and imagery on a website
  • Testing both the text and color of CTA buttons
  • Testing the number of input fields and CTAs together

What I like about this article is the clarification on what works and does not work with each test and with it a list tools and resources to help you achieve your goal.

Justinmind concludes the article by stating “Optimizing designs and boosting the user experience of websites and mobile apps is our bread and butter. A/B tests and multivariate testing are just two ways to help us achieve that goal; both are robust methodologies that can give us the power to create better designs.”

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