ARTICLE SUMMERY: “The Worst Rebrand in the History of Orange Juice” is a study in what not to do when rebranding for any company of any size.

Niklas Göke has taken an in-depth look into the 2009 debacle of the Tropicana rebrand that caused the loss of $35 million in marketing and the loss of roughly $20 million in sales making it one of the worst rebrands in history.

According to Niklas Göke the mistakes were both numerous and obvious and even more important, preventible, things like

  • A major change to an iconic logo
  • Not taking into account how the consumer sees the product on the store shelf
  • Product information lacking or not there

One of the highlights of this article is the video of the designer, Peter Arnell talking about his design five weeks before the withdrawal of his design going into great detail at how he arrived at his design.

Niklas also gives good advice on what to look for and how to avoid a disastrous situation like this.

This is a great article for new and seasoned designers alike, let us know what you think in the comments.