In this article from The DIELINE, Theresa Christine Johnson reviews “The Love Index”. The Love Index was created by Fjord and Accenture as a methodology for measuring and categorizing the relationship between a brand and their loyalists. We love this approach (no pun intended) because it accounts for the connection that consumers are making with the brands that they are interacting with on an emotional level.

This metaphor is helpful because it represents the dynamic relationship that we have with brands we know and love. Like family and friends, each brand comes with it’s own personality and strengths. But they also come with other relationships that can color our perceptions of these entities as well. Partnerships, political endorsements, suppliers, carriers, can all be components in the relationship between the brand and the loyalist. Like inlaws, they can nurture the relationship or put a strain on it.

The Love Index can be a powerful tool for evaluating a brand, and the value that it provides. It can  also be a tool for evaluating the other relationships that affect how that brand is perceived and ultimately experienced.  

Relationships are rarely just between two individuals, but also between those individuals and their friends, family members, work associates and many other people who make up their social lives. Brands are no different. The Love Index has potential for a broad use to help evaluate and understand these extended aspects of brand relationships.

The DIELINE does a great job of summarizing and highlighting some important aspects from the study here:

…and you can find the full study from Accenture Interactive here:

What are some of the other application potentials you see for The Love Index? Let us know in the comments.