ARTICLE SUMMARY: AI is a hot topic these days. It is changing the way we look at things and is starting to have a major impact on the way we live.

As designers we need to rethink how we will be marketing our products and services in this new era of Artificial Intelligence if we are going to survive.

Three Ways AI Is Changing Consumer Engagement” by Walker Smith is a look at how as marketers there are things we need to focus on to deal with these new challenges facing us. Three things we need to pay attention to are

  • Automation
  • Curation
  • Migration

With the advent of AI programs like DALL-2 and ChatGPT and the millions of users that are already experiencing the benefits from these programs we need to adapt to these new situations or be left in the dust.

Walker Smith tells us as designers and marketers this is where we should be looking—less on the inside and more on the outside. Less on the technologies per se and more on the smart things consumers are doing with them. Less about efficiency and more about originality.

This is a great article and well worth the read.

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