ARTICLE SUMMARY: There is more to being a brand leader than meets the eye.

There are several ways to distinguish a brand in the global market place, the hard part is deciding how you want to lead your brand and to know why your decision will work.

10 Ways To Achieve Brand Leadership” by Mark Di Somma has listed the possible ways that are available to you when deciding how to lead your brand, some of the choices are

  • Attitude
  • Culture
  • Price

These and the other choices are thoroughly explained why you would use them and how to use them.

As Mark Di Somma points out “Ultimately, how you lead your brand is decided by what, where and why you compete as a brand. Every brand leader will incorporate several of these elements in their leadership blend: the differences are in how and to what effect – particularly for character. Large or liked? Storied or placed? Profitable or purposeful? These critical decisions about priorities will significantly influence how you compete and how and where you present yourselves across the world.”

If you’re new too Branding this article is for you, and, should be in your toolbox for a quick reference. If you have been branding for a while this article is good to have around and peek at once in a while as a good reminder.

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