ARTICLE SUMMARY: Does not matter what you do for a living, there is always room for improvement. The old saying growing up was “good better best, never let it rest, until the good becomes better and the better becomes best.”

As designers we know the quest to our improvement is a process that is never ending.

“13 TIPS TO MAKE YOU A BETTER WEB DESIGNER” by Jeff Cardello gives you advice on how to level up and be a better designer. Some of the tips he gives to help you are

  • Define who you are as a designer
  • Mentor a designer
  • Write case studies

The business of design is always in the state of flux and designers need to keep abreast of the changes that occur almost on a weekly basis or face extinction. Our survival depends on us keeping up and this article will help you do that.

As Jeff Cardello says, “Always keep learning, web design is constantly evolving which makes it such a rewarding pursuit. There are always new tools and new design techniques.” Truer words were never spoken.

What do you do to stay at the top of your game and improve your skills, let us know in the comments.