ARTICLE SUMMERY: It does not matter what business you are in, every business has basic principles that when adhered to help us succeed in that business.

Design is no different. “19 Graphic Design Principles We All Should Obey” by Lexie Lu is a list that should be viewed every so often to remind us of these principles and help keep us on track to give our clients and ourselves the best possible outcome from our design. A few of these principles include

  • Keep Your Logo Simple
  • Convey Emotion With Color
  • Choose a Size Hierarchy

We are also reminded to take a step back and take a fresh look at what we have done and evaluate what needs changing or what needs to be left alone and make the necessary changes.

Lexie Lu reminds us “The graphic design principles should help you stay on point no matter where you are on the designer spectrum. The only way to excel in your field is to understand the basics. Only then will you know when to break the rules and when to follow them. .”

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