ARTICLE SUMMARY: When Branding is your livelihood it pays to stay up to date on the trends that can have an impact on how our work and the work we do for our clients stands out in the global marketplace.

Every year trends change, what was hip and eye catching last year is now considered passé and relegated to the background and passed over unnoticed. We also have to take into account the changes and challenges brought on by COVID-19 and how it is affecting all of us and how we take that into consideration when we design.

Jacob Cass compiled “2021 BRAND DESIGN TRENDS” helping us keep up to date on what to expect in the new year. Just to highlight a few check out

  • Minimalism
  • Data Visualization
  • Natural Designs

Each one broken down in further detail to give you a clearer picture of why they are trending.

Jacob Cass concludes his article with some insightful key takeaways that we designers should keep in mind as 2021 approaches

  • The importance of positivity, hopefulness and inclusivity cannot be understated
  • This year has brought a lot of negativity into the world — brands have the power to bring hope back to their customers
  • Organizations can do this by adopting design principles that spread positivity, soothe the customer, and are aesthetically pleasing

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