ARTICLE SUMMARY: UI design results are pretty straightforward, good design successful, poor design can send you to the poor house.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to design, and the best way to learn is from other designers mistakes. Let’s face it, nobody likes to make mistakes, they cost you material, money, and most important, your time.

It does not matter how good a designer you are or how long you’ve been at it, you need to remember nobody is a 100%, we are all going to make mistakes sooner or later, especially the beginner. The goal is to minimize those mistakes.

In Olivia Hoskin‘s article “5 common UI design mistakes to avoid as a beginnerOlivia is reaching out in an attempt to help new designers up their game by avoiding mistakes made due to lack of experience, mistakes like

  • Lack of proper research
  • Missing key UI design fundamentals
  • Prioritizing trends over usability

In this fast paced and highly competitive design industry there is little room for error, there’s to many others going after your target audience. You need to level up as fast as possible if you’re going to succeed in today’s global marketplace.

Like every other business the hard part is when you are just starting out, there is a price to pay for inexpensive and Olivia Hoskin‘s goal is to help you minimize your mistakes as you advance your career.

This article is well worth reading, especially for you beginners.

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