ARTICLE SUMMARY: When it comes to design “Cognitive Biases” can be a powerful tool.

In short “Cognitive Biases” are the attempts of our brains to simply information processing. They are rules of thumb developed by our brain to help us make faster decisions.

5 Examples of Clever Use of Cognitive Biases in Product Design” by Simon Li is a deep dive into “Cognitive Biases“, what it is exactly and how to put it to work for us. Some of those talked about are

  • IKEA Effect
  • Social Proof
  • Halo Effect

When it comes to psychology in design “Cognitive Biases” is right up there on the list when it comes to tools we can use to influence the actions of the visitors to your website.

As Simon Li says, “Clever use of cognitive biases in product design can lead to more user engagement, conversion or sales. While there are many more biases the examples shown here will help inspire you to tap into the power of psychology in your next design project.”

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