ARTICLE SUMMARY: Being any kind of a designer takes work. You may have talent, but talent alone does not make you a great designer, you need to develop that talent into a skill that will set you apart from your peers and that takes work.

You need schooling, hands on training, experience and a plan to keep you sharp and in touch with the trends of the day. That’s where good work habits come into play.

5 Habits to become a better UI+UX Designer” by Shubham Khatkar gives us habits to develop in our professional life that will help us stay competitive and at the top of our game. Some of those habits recommended are

  • Sharpen your analogical problem-solving skills.
  • Find a place of solitude.
  •  Practice. Practice. Practice.

As designers, as in all professions, the tendency to fall into a rut and stay there can be one of the biggest mistakes we can make. Let’s face it, being a creative can be tough, while most people think our ideas just fall out of the sky into our heads we know better. It takes a foundation of knowledge, learning a discipline, and mastering a way of thinking and imagination with a way to maintain that mindset.

It’s very competitive out there and with the advances in technology and wide spread access to the internet the competition has become fierce, developing good life long work habits that will not only help you stay competitive but help keep you mentally fit for the challenges that wait for us is a must.

Not all habits are bad, let us know what you think in the comments.