I spend a fair amount of time curating articles for Darksquare. The goal is to create a resource library designers and creatives can go to and hopefully get inspiration, instruction and stay up to date on the latest trends in the design processes. I enjoy reading almost anything that comes across my desk, trade magazines, books, and a wide variety of articles online.


While most of my reading is a pleasure there are some articles that are such a chore to read you end up moving on before your half way through reading it. Even though the topic is relevant, even eye catching, there are basic rules to follow to ensure your article has a chance to be fully read. In one of John Hughes’ article, “5 Tips to Edit (And Improve) Your WordPress Content”, he covers all the reasons I do not finish a good portion of the articles I read. He covers it all, from link spamming to phraseology to the small things that go unnoticed by the writer. I recommend this article not only to beginning writers, but to the seasoned writers as a refresher course as well.


I am interested in what you think about this, so please let me know your thoughts in the comment section.