ARTICLE SUMMERY: “5 Ways Toxic Clients Kill Productivity and Steal Your Time” is a must read for all designers regardless if you own your own business, freelance or work in a corporate environment.

In her article Haley Walden covers the many ways the toxic client makes your life miserable, things like.

  • Making communication unnecessarily difficult.
  • Sucking you into a revision loop.
  • Cranking your scope of work (but not your pay) up to 11.
  • Keeping you in a reactive mode.
  • Failing to pay invoices on time or as agreed.

Along with the problems listed by Haley Walden she also gives you some very pragmatic advice on how to deal with these situations and keep you from getting caught up in scenarios like these.

As Haley Walden notes, “Spending too much time working for toxic clients won’t just hurt your productivity and time management; it will eventually damage your self-esteem. And, if your self-esteem is in the gutter, that’s going to negatively impact your quality of work.”

Has this happened to you? And how did you deal with it, let us know in comments.