ARTICLE SUMMARY: Marketing is about creating value, value for customers, for employees, for shareholders, and for the community.

At first marketers focused on mass marketing and the amount of product or what features you would get for your money. Then that evolved into a needs based marketing with consumers asking “Which brand is best for my individual needs?” and so on.

Marketing has always been in the state of flux with marketers always having their finger on the pulse of the consumer and their changing attitudes and concerns.

7 Actions for Increasing Trustworthy Brand Value” by Larry Light is a look at marketing and how to achieve what the consumer is now looking for. In his article Larry focuses on the

  • Total Brand Experience Vs Total Brand Cost
  • How Trust Is A Value Multiplier
  • How Do We Build Trustworthy Brand Value

The old joke used to be “would you buy a used car from him?”. Today more consumers are asking that same question while searching for the brands that align with their values and what it says about them personally.

As Larry Light says “Trustworthy Brand Value is a business management mindset. If you want to be perceived externally as a trusted enterprise, you must create a Trustworthy Brand Value culture internally.”

This article will help you achieve that, let us know what you think in the comments.