ARTICLE SUMMARY: How your brand is perceived and knowing what your customers want will help you put together a powerful brand strategy.

The major brands did not get where they are today by hoping people will just fall in love with their products or services, they did the research needed to give them a comprehensive and actionable view of market needs and brand performance.

Realizing Business Goals With Brand Equity Research” by Derrick Daye looks at brand research and how to act on the information gained by this research. Once the research is done it is important companies take action on the findings. Some of those actions include

  • Measuring Brand Progress Toward Vision
  • Reveal Product, Experience Or Operational Needs
  • Provide A Big, Longer-Term Picture Of Brand Performance

As the world gets smaller and smaller brands need all the they can get to stay relevant with your target audience in order to provide them with what they need and what they want. 

In the global economy understanding your brand’s equity has never been more important, especially if you are going to compete in the global marketplace.

When it comes to Analytics this is well worth the read.

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