ARTICLE SUMMERY: As COVID-19 appears to be winding down, people are heading back to work, but, a significant number of them are now finding themselves working remotely from home instead of heading back to the office. Now your sitting there staring out the window thinking to yourself, wow, how cool is this, then before you know it it’s forty five later and you have done nothing.

9 WAYS TO FOCUS A WANDERING MIND” helps keep you focused on your job and helps keep your mind from wandering to far. To help avoid missing those critical deadlines and disappointing your supervisor or clients, some of the ways to keep focused are

  • Add a deliberate distraction
  • Identify and eliminate your stressors
  • Grab a cup of coffee

There are six more that may surprise you.

Daniel Piper  Says “A wandering mind isn’t always a bad thing for creatives, but if you need some focus right now at least you have a way to help you deal with it.”

There are a lot of ways to deal with a “wondering mind”, see if you can add to this list and while your at it let us know what you think in the comments.