ARTICLE SUMMARY: As time marches on everything changes, especially in design. Tech will always be in the state of flux and designers need to keep up with all these innovations or be left behind.

As the field of UX design continues to evolve, there are several AI-powered tools that can significantly enhance a product designer’s workflow.

In Nurkhon Akhmedov’s article, “My go-to AI tools for UX design in 2024: a Product designer’s essential toolkit” he gives you a first hand look at the AI tools he uses and his assessment. Some of the tools he talked about are

  • GeniusUI: Where Efficiency Meets Creativity
  • Khroma: The Color Wizard
  • TLDV: The Meeting Magician

As AI advances into every part of design we need to realize it’s just another tool for us to learn and not fear. The old adage “the more you learn, the more you earn” applies here.

Overall, AI empowers designers to work more efficiently, creatively, and intelligently, enabling them to deliver high-quality designs that meet the evolving needs and expectations of clients and users.

This is a great article for all of us, not just designers.

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