ARTICLE SUMMARY: When it comes to branding you need to have a plan, a good plan that will appeal to your target audience and the values that they identify with.

Since the introduction of the internet the world as a whole has become a lot smarter, has increased the number of savvy shoppers and given rise to the socially conscious consumer.

Brand Positioning Guide” by Derrick Daye talks about what “brand positioning” really means and how to achieve it. You need to learn how to be

  • Authentic
  • Relevant
  • Different

While it may sound easy on the face of it, you have to dig a little deeper to fully understand the brand strategy drivers and how to use them to your benefit.

You also need to let your colleagues actually work with the brand positioning by showing them what it means in their day-to-day activities so they will be accepted within the whole organization.

Brand Positioning affects the whole company, the author gives you suggestions on how to involve everyone company wide in the process to help it’s acceptance and make it a company success.

Derrick also reminds us that Brand Positioning is always a work in progress, that “brands earn a place in the future by thinking of their positioning as a direction rather than a fixed position. Markets are always moving and there will come a day when your target customers need a new promise from you because your existing promise’s relevance has faded or for a myriad of other reasons.”

This is a great article and well worth reading.

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