ARTICLE SUMMARY: In the design business you meet all types of clients. You have clients that you love and wish all your clients were like them, and then there are the clients that you wish you only had three of them simply because right now you have six.

This business is tough enough even without the few clients that make life miserable. The good news is there are more good clients than bad and there is a way to deal with the not so desirable clients.

One of the worst kind of client to have is the one who is always in the never ending state of panic, they are anything but easy to deal with and can be down right toxic. “Calming Down a Panicky Design Client” written by Addison Duvall is a helpful guide on how to handle a panicky client. Some of the actions you can take to help are

  • Getting To The Root Of The Panic
  • Is It Really An Emergency?
  • Let Your Client Know Time Is Money

There is nothing worse than a client that sucks the life out of you with endless interruptions and concerns that hold up a project and quite possibly undermining your’s designs effectiveness.

There is no reason to turn down work just to avoid a panicky client, especially if you know how to handle them.

This is a great article that will help keep most clients from fluctuating too widely and turning simple concern into full-blown panic.

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