ARTICLE SUMMARY: As designers we know the bigger the project the more moving parts, the more moving parts the more you need a way to keep track of your project and keep it on schedule.

CHECKLIST DESIGN” written by George Hatzis has created a checklist to help you keep your project moving along smoothly and efficiently by making sure all your design bases are covered. Among the checklists provided for your use is

  • Pages
  • Elements
  • Flows
  • Topics

Each checklist has a subset of lists that makes it easy not to leave out anything while building your website. The importance of a checklist, especially for large projects can not be understated.

In his article “How to keep your design in check“, George Hatzis talks about how he came to a need to design a checklist that he and any other designer could use. He discusses the issues of

  • Designing without checklists
  • Why he needed a checklist
  • The value of the checklist

As our design projects grow in size this is one tool we should have at the ready to keep us moving forward with as little friction as possible.

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