ARTICLE SUMMARY: Let’s face it, designers love icons, people love icons. They simplify communication.

Icons are visual representations of common objects that can be easily recognized, like an outline of a phone or a house. Icons have the meaning of the object they represent, they are an essential part of many user interfaces, visually expressing objects, actions and ideas. 

While on the surface designing icons might look easy there is a lot more under the surface you need to know when designing them. “DESIGN PRINCIPLES FOR CREATING THE PERFECT ICON SET” by Dima Groshev has put together a 12 step process to help you understand what is really involved in creating effective icons. Some of the things you should be considering is the

  • Icon set style
  • Keyshapes
  • Optical balance

While any designer can design icons, not every designer can design icons that resinate and effectively communicate with the public at large.

The twelve steps for icon design presented by Dima Groshev is well worth reading for both new and old designs.

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