ARTICLE SUMMARY: Designers love to complain about ‘superficial’ design trends. Let’s face it, some of those trends are just down right ugly and you know in six months time your client will be back trashing it.

As designers we provide a service, and part of that service is to keep our clients satisfied, even if it means going against our better judgement. We can advise against a particular trend but the bottom line is if we don’t give our clients what they want they will go elsewhere.

You can go nuts trying to keep up with all the new trends that are here today and gone tomorrow. In an effort to help you stay calm and help you through this this decision making process  Addison Duvall wrote “Do We Really Need to Follow Design Trends?“. He suggests you have options available to you on how to handle this situation

  • The Puzzle Piece Approach
  • The True Blue Approach
  • The Goldilocks Approach

Ideas spread much faster than they used to, thanks to the internet. which means that designers and clients alike are exposed to new trends constantly. That’s not necessarily a good thing.

It’s hard in a business that’s always in flux with trends coming and going almost on a weekly basis. There is a lot to consider as your business progresses, this article may be the help you need to navigate these new trends and the direction you want your business to go.

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