ARTICLE SUMMARY: Trust is one of the most important attributes that a person or business can have. Trust goes to the soul of people and business alike and should never be taken for granted.

In the global market place a business without trust will have a hard time surviving. Especially in this computer age where any and all information is at the consumer’s fingertips including bad experiences.

How Brands Can Compete On Trust” by Steve Wunker looks at trust and what it takes to gain and hold that trust. Some of the actions your company should take are

  • Determine The Strategic Role Of Trust
  • Dig Deep To Uncover Definitions Of Trust And Drivers Of Change
  • Quantify Who Trusts What And Why
  • Make Choices (And Trade-Offs)

In business, once trust is broken it’s almost impossible to get it back and the impact on your bottom line can be devastating.

One of the problems with trust in business is the goalposts for that trust can change over time. It used to be you walked into a grocery store and trusted that all the produce and meats were fresh. Now customers want to trust the quality of the grocer’s private label goods, how animals were raised, and even the store’s labor policies. 

It takes a lot of work to get and hold on to consumers trust, but worth the time and effort it takes to earn and keep your target audience’s loyalty.

This is a great article that will not only help you build trust with your target audience, but give you a strategy to keep that trust intact in the future.

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