ARTICLE SUMMARY: Everyone knows the MacGyver television series, and depending on your age it’s either the 1985 version or the 2016 version.

For those few who don’t know the series the short story is it’s about a non-violent anti gun government agent who gets out of sticky situations with chewing gum, paper clips, duct tape and a Swiss Army knife. He does not follow the usual spy routine of gadgets, guns and explosives to solve his problems.

Designers on the other hand prefer having a design process where things stay neat, clean and predictable with guaranteed great results.

Of course that only happens in a perfect world.

How to design like MacGyver” by Michael F. Buckley helps the designer realize that

  • The Perfect Process Does Not Exist
  • How To Think On Your Feet
  • How To Keep Calm and MacGyver On

Even when you find your design niche not every project fits your cooky cutter process. When that happens it pays to be prepared with the MacGyver problem solving mindset.

Michael reminds us that “MacGyver may be a fictional character, but his creative thinking and resourcefulness are fundamental skills designers can use to solve real problems.”

This is a great article, especially for those just starting out in design.

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