ARTICLE SUMMARY: It’s been said before, the more you learn the more you earn, especially when it comes to design.

Design is a business that is always in the state of flux, new ideas, new ways of doing and looking at things, never a dull moment.

Learn Images” is a comprehensive lesson on images for the web and how they are and should be used. Some of the types of images you will be learning about are

  • Raster images
  • Responsive images
  • Vector images

When it comes web design images can make or break your site. It’s one of the first things visitors see when going to your site so it’s got to be good, but that’s not the only consideration.

Another major consideration is how the images you choose affect website performance. Let’s face it, in this day and age the slower the interaction the faster potential clients will move on. The average person takes up to 52 seconds to check out a website, that’s not a lot of time to grab and hold their attention.

This article also contains links to additional resources that will give you a deeper understanding of everything you need to know about all images used in design.

This is a great article for old and new designer alike and a great addition to your toolbox.

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