ARTICLE SUMMARY: To some designers AI is the beginning of the downfall of human creativity.

With the development of AI it would certainly seem that way with the graphic design and writing tools that are appearing all over the internet. No wonder designers are concerned with the future of human design.

How designers can beat AI at design” by Jonathan Ng takes a look at what designers do and why ultimately they will always have a seat at the design table. He looks at

  • Designing the details
  • Designing for the bigger picture
  • Designing the design culture equity

AI design lacks soul, context, and genuine connection with audiences while human designers infuse the human touch, unleashing our creativity, and reintroducing the artistry that distinguishes our work from algorithm-driven design monoculture.

Joe Gebbia, the co-founder of Airbnb, shared a universal insight: “Great designers possess the remarkable ability to spot the individual pieces of the puzzle and weave them together in a fresh and innovative manner that leaves everyone in awe.”  Something AI is incapable of.

Jonathan Ng concludes by telling us to “remember that our humanity gives us the edge in unraveling complex relationships and surpassing AI’s limits. Together, we’ll shape design in ways that leave them scratching their circuits.”

This is a great read for all creatives concerned about AI and it’s influences on design.

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