ARTICLE SUMMARY: We are designers, we love our work, we love what we do and how we do it. We are passionate about design, sometimes to a fault. That passion is what drives us and our desire to create and elicit strong feelings among both creators and consumers alike.

While for designers having that passion is critical to creating there are times when it can do more harm than good. The trick is to recognize when to put your ego on the shelf and taking a look at things through an objective lens, easier said than done, right!?

To help us understand when to keep that passion in check “Passion Can Help (Or Hurt) a Design Project” written by Eric Karkovack creates a list of situations detailing when and why we need to hold back that passion. That list includes

  • Price Negotiations
  • Receiving Client Feedback
  • User Experience (UX) Testing

Along with that passion for design we need to develop a head for business to avoid poor decision making that will ultimately affect our project and our bottom line..

Eric Karkovack concludes the article by telling us “The secret is in learning how to compartmentalize the various steps of the process. Save the passion for the design-specific tasks, while leaving it out of everything else. This will ensure that you’re steering your business rationally and enjoying every moment of creativity.”

This article will help you build an emotional separation between your work and business and well worth reading.

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