ARTICLE SUMMARY: In order to get ahead in the global marketplace you need a strategy, something that is going to make you stand out from the crowd. Something that says nobody’s product is better than mine and you got to have it.

It does not matter how big you are, how innovative you are, or how different you are, you need a strategy that will condition the market so that tomorrow’s market prefers you over your competitors.

How To Bend the Will of the Market” by Jasmine Bina is a look into how to create conditions that will help shape the perception of your category in a way that positions your brand as the one preferred over all others. Her strategy includes

  • Creating a new context
  • Creating new identities
  • Creating new needs

As the market moves forward you need to change your marketing approach. You need to change your product’s perception so that it is more versatile and desirable than your competition.

This article shows how Tesla Inc, Chobani Yogurt and the Dyson Company changed the perception of it’s product to it’s target audiences and gave them the edge over their competitors.

This is a great article and well worth reading.

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