ARTICLE SUMMERY: When someone mentions branding what comes to mind? Well, depending on who you talk to you’ll probably come up with three or four vague ideas as to what it is.

“Business folks” are some of the hardest people to convince the need for branding. Their limited understanding of “branding” will cause companies to face several challenges that can significantly impact their success and longevity.

In Mathijs Sterrenburg’s “How to explain branding to business folk” he gives you a simple way to explain what branding really is and why it pays for business folks to consult a brand ambassador. He talks about

  • Your ‘reputation’ identity
  • Your ‘reputation’ guide
  • Your brand strategy

Whether you like it or not everyone has a reputation, how people perceive you. Like you, every business has a reputation that needs to be defined and steered in the direction of how you want your business to be perceived.

A brand guide is meant for everyone to have a clear understanding of the entire business. A strong brand builds reputation and trust. It reassures customers, reduces perceived risk, and encourages repeat business. Trust is essential for long-term relationships and brand loyalty.

By framing branding in these terms, you can help business folks appreciate its strategic significance and the tangible benefits it brings to their bottom line.

This article is well worth reading.

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