ARTICLE SUMMERY: As designers there is not much more important to us than typography. Designers know that quality typography improves your visitors’ reading experience, helps hold the visitors attention and can make the difference between a sale or no sale from the website you have created.

It does not matter how stylish your type font is, if it is illegible readers will not spend the time they need to fully see the product or service you or your client are promoting.

How many times have you checked out a website and thought to yourself that the type and how the designer used it looks amazing, now if only I could figure out what font it is and where can I find it I may be able to tuck it away somewhere and use it in a future project.

HOW TO SEE WHAT FONT A WEBSITE IS USING” by Will Morris makes that search much easier using these 3 methods available to us

  • Identify Fonts Using the Browser Inspector Tool
  • Find Fonts Via a Browser Extension
  • Detect Fonts in Images

Using these methods and keeping a list of the fonts you have found and how they are used may be the key to you building the next website people will thoroughly check out and get the desired results you or your client are looking for.

This is another tool to add to your designers toolbox to enhance the User Experience (UX) with your future projects.

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