ARTICLE SUMMARY: One thing you can say about design, it’s never a dull moment, always advancing, always in the state of flux.

The evolution of web design presents a captivating narrative of innovation and creativity, from the early days of basic HTML coding to the present era of engaging and visually immersive interfaces. 

How web design trends have evolved” by Victor Ko looks at the evolution of web design from the beginning to where we are now and how we got there. Some of the trends looked at are

  • The birth of the world wide web: early HTML days
  • The rise of Flash and animation
  • Material design: aesthetic and functional harmony

It’s mind boggling how web design trends have evolved significantly over the years, driven by advances in technology, changes in user preferences, and shifts in design philosophies.

These trends are not rigid and can coexist or evolve rapidly. Additionally, individual websites and designers may incorporate elements from different eras to create unique and innovative designs.

This article is a nice look back to where we started to appreciate where we are today.

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