ARTICLE SUMMERY: This article by Nicholas Soos is primarily a guide on how to go from amateur designer to a pro designer by developing an eye to see what the public sees and understanding how poor design can change the impression of what they and your clients see. Small details can mean a lot to the perception of what you are trying to convey to your clients target audience.

Improving Your Design Eye” is a good look at some of the aspects a designer should be practicing and paying attention to in order to deliver a quality product for their client. Some of those aspects are,

  • Kerning
  • White Space
  • Illustrator

Nicholas Soos concludes his article with these words of advice, “Looking back, I wish I took the time to follow as many tutorials as possible or find a mentor to help me hone my design vision. There are no keyboard shortcuts or easy methods for designing. Regardless of where you are in your design career, improving within these areas of design will drastically elevate your work.”

This is an article well worth the read, let us know what you think in the comment section.