ARTICLE SUMMARY: Designers know the value of a good set of icons. They can direct actions, communicate what the website is about and as Andrea Mata says “They help us quickly recognize concepts and generate cognitive connections to what we’re seeing.”

In her article “ISN’T IT ICONIC?Andrea Mata talks about some of the things she has learned about designing icons, things like

  • Designing custom icons are neither quick nor easy
  • The iconography style is generated from the website’s visual ecosystem, which is composed of a logo, color palette, typography, illustrations, photography and even the tone of voice
  • Including iconography in the Art Direction phase is a must

Creating a good set of icons is a skill not developed overnight, it must be honed over time in order for you to design them effectively. Icons may be small, but the impact is huge.

Andrea Mata tells us “It doesn’t matter if we are talking about websites, applications or printed material — used correctly, icons will always help people consume information and can even influence their way of thinking. Having the skill to create custom sets in your tool belt will make a big difference in the way you approach design.”

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