ARTICLE SUMMARY: In life everything has a hierarchy, the government, the military, religious organizations, companies, and if you think about it, even among your circle of friends its there. They all have it.

Design has it, but the hierarchy in this article is about visual hierarchy and how important it is to design.

KEY PRINCIPLES OF VISUAL HIERARCHY IN UX DESIGN” by Caleb Kingston is an in depth look at VISUAL HIERARCHY and the importance of it to designers, and more important this article gives you instructions on how to achieve it. Some of the items he gives in depth instructions for are

  • Using size and scale to pull focus
  • Using color and contrast to make objects stand out
  • Harnessing typefaces
  • Effective use of motion

Caleb Kingston covers it all in a way that is easy to understand and put into practice.

As design goes this is another top shelf resource for your design tool box. As a resource this is great instruction for the beginner and great refresher course for the seasoned designer alike.

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