ARTICLE SUMMERY: Logos are a key component in branding, it is one of the first visuals a prospective customer or client will see when going to your website.

Logo design: Everything you need to know” is a how to go about designing a logo that people can connect with and getting them to be more open to whatever it is you are offering them.

In an effort to help us make that connection David Airey gives us his ten rules for logo design, covering topics like

  • Lay the groundwork
  • Treasure your sketchpad
  • Work in black and white
  • Keep it appropriate

David Airey says while logo design is is just one small subset of branding, it is often the part of the identity that the public picks apart the most making it a top priority in your branding strategy.

Whether a new or a seasoned designer this is a great read, let us know what you think in the comments.