ARTICLE SUMMARY: As technology advances so must design. To sit still is too stagnate, as designers we cannot afford to do that and stay relevant in today’s business climate.

As motion becomes more and more sophisticated it connects the digital to the real world. It can also fuel the imagination of the targets audience depending how the designer applies motion to their design.

MOTION, BRANDING AND INTERACTION” by Beau Ulrey is a look on how motion can affect your brand and how to use it effectively. In this article Beau Ulrey takes a good look at

  • Perceived performance
  • Action feedback
  • In session updates

Beau Ulrey also takes into account Accessibility concerns and offers advice on how to design with that in mind. In this article he provides links to the WGAG guidelines for motion to help you understand and design more effectively for these issues.

As Beau Ulrey says, “When motion standards (principles, timing, duration, and easing) align to your brand, they serve to bring tangible personality into micro-interaction and video.”

If you are not familiar with motion in design this is a great article to get you acquainted with it.

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