ARTICLE SUMMERY: This article by Robin R. Murphy and Justin Adams and Vignesh Babu Manjunath Gandudi is highlighting the prominent roll robots are playing helping the world deal with the pandemic.

Reading “Robots are playing many roles in the coronavirus crisis” you learn among other things that

  • Robots help, not replace people
  • Robots during a disaster have already been in use
  • Repurposing existing robots is more effective than building specialized prototypes

At it’s conclusion the article states “Automation is not particularly exciting, but just like the unglamorous disinfecting robots in use now, it is a valuable application. If government and industry have finally learned the lessons from previous disasters, more mundane robots will be ready to work side by side with the health care workers on the front lines when the next pandemic arrives.’

It is interesting to say the least, let us know what you think in the comments.