ARTICLE SUMMARY: The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming industries and reshaping the job market. While it’s true that AI has the potential to automate many tasks and displace certain jobs, there are several positive aspects that can help individuals and the workforce adapt and thrive in this new landscape.

Advertising and creative industries are on the verge of a major shift driven by the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. More and more studios are using AI for things like ideation and brainstorming, and that’s just the beginning.

Simon Case: AI will destroy jobs, but there’s a silver lining” takes a look at the viewpoint of Simon Case and the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the design industry. He talks about the

  • Need for honesty
  • Seismic shift
  • Opportunities ahead

People worry when a new technology comes along and changes the way jobs are done, or worse yet make some of those jobs obsolete. It can be downright scary when this happens, but this is no time to let fear stop you from taking action.

As AI takes over routine tasks, there will be a growing demand for jobs that require human creativity, emotional intelligence, and complex problem-solving skills, things that AI are unable to do. Artificial intelligence will augment human capabilities, making workers more efficient and productive by freeing up time from repetitive and routine tasks.

As Simon says, “On the one hand, there’ll be massive disruption and loads of layoffs, on the other hand, a million new agencies will start.” He draws parallels to previous technological shifts, such as the desktop publishing revolution, which decentralised the industry. “AI is going to democratize design in the same way,”

There’s an old saying, if you sit around long enough, nothing will happen. This is not the time to sit around.

This is a great article that will help you face this future with a plan of action rather than being left behind.

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