ARTICLE SUMMARY: It’s no secret that kids have a bigger imagination than adults. They are clean slates with nothing clouding up their thoughts that come from aging.

Kids have no preconceived notions or beliefs hindering their thought processes, not like adults who for years have developed assumptions and perspectives that have become ingrained in their heads and influences us more than we would like to admit.

While we will never be able to get back to that time in our lives when things were uncomplicated and simple there are things we can do to help make room for new perspectives, ideas, and behaviors.

The art of unlearning” by Suchithra Sathiyamurthy helps us to let go of the familiar so we can become more creative. She discusses

  • Unlearning standards
  • Unlearning design patterns
  • Unlearning people

Designers need to work on being open minded and receptive to new ideas and reflect on the things of the past that may be inhibiting us now. We also need to be flexible and adaptable in order to let go rigid ways of thinking and being willing to embrace change.

Suchithra tells us “recognising that knowledge is short-lived is the first skill. The next is discerning what and when knowledge has to be unlearned—and then learning to do it over and over until it becomes deliberate practice. Or even a lifestyle choice.”

Unlearning requires courage, openness to new possibilities and growth, and a commitment to personal development.

This is a great article well worth reading.

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