ARTICLE SUMMARY: As of late it seems there are websites popping up that will help you create your own logo and website as you try and create your own brand identity, easy peasy, right?! Nothing is further from the truth.

There is more to branding than putting some nice images and some fancy text on a page and saying here I am and I’m open for business.

If you want to create a successful brand you need to put in the work and you need to have a clear understanding on how branding works. “The Basics of Branding” is an introduction to branding and what you need to know in order build a brand that will stand head and shoulders with your competition. The article focuses on

  • What does “brand” mean
  • How can it help my business?
  • Where do I start?

In today’s business climate and having to compete on a global scale is no easy task, especially without understanding the branding basics.

This article will help you identify and to articulate your brand idea, personality, and values that are the foundations of any strong brand.

Whether your planning on making “branding” a career or just a one time attempt to enhance your website, this article is a great first step in that direction.

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