ARTICLE SUMMARY: When it comes to designing for UX (user experience) there is more to it than meets the eye. For the most part the average person has no clue what goes into making them happy with the products and services they buy. They only know they either like it or don’t.

Everything you touch today has been carefully designed, examined, studied, prototyped and tested to bring people the best possible user experience in an effort to keep you, the consumer happy and hopefully generate brand loyalty and repeat business.

Because there is so much involved in UX design Ali ÇORAK wrote “Better Design with UX Rules, and Psychological Research You Need to Know” to better help designers achieve the best design possible. A few of the rules we should pay attention to are

  • Focus on purpose
  • Complexity
  • Touchable areas

Because the competition is now world wide you need to fully understand your target audience in order to create a design that will personally connect them to you and your product if you’re going to survive in the global marketplace.

As time matches on and technology gets more sophisticated this article will help you form a plan of action that will keep you on track for whatever design goal you are trying to achieve. When it comes to design no stone should be left unturned to bring the best UX possible to the world.

Whether you have been designing for thirty years of thirty days this is a great resource to keep handy.

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