ARTICLE SUMMERY: Lexie Lu writes “User interface (UI) is anything computer-based with which a person might interact.” As technology advances web designers must advance also and keep up with Technology and how consumers view products and services they are interested in.

While “THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF USER INTERFACE” lists the different types of User Interface, Lexie Lu also provides a list on how to determine the type of UI you will need to use for your clients products and services. Some of the ways to determine the type of UI include,

  • Ask Lots of Questions
  • Take Advantage of Forms
  • Increase Visual Appeal

These along with other suggestions should help you choose the best UI for your client.

Lexie concludes her article with this advice, “Understand today’s common types of user interface to design a system that works for your target audience. Always be open to new technology. Failing to implement voice recognition and other modern features could result in lost potential.”

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