ARTICLE SUMMARY: In the past few years “Design Systems” have taken center stage in the world of design, and for a good reason, they work.

Oliver Lindberg‘s “THE MAIN PILLARS OF EFFECTIVE DESIGN SYSTEMS” is deep dive into what exactly a “Design System” is and the positive effect it’s had on design and the business of design. His article touches on

  • What exactly is a design system
  • The main pillars of a design system
  • How design systems impact business

There is no cookie cutter approach to creating a design system, one size does not fit all. As Oliver Lindberg says start by “Analyzing what’s unique to your brand, the problems you’re trying to solve, and how a design system can help.” and build from there.

Oliver Lindberg concludes his article by telling us “Creating a design system can be a lot of work, but it’s also very rewarding to put together and will make everyone’s life so much easier in the long run. In the end, it ensures you focus on improving the user experience of your products, while also improving workflows within your organization. Double win!”.

This is sound advice and well worth reading, Let us know what you think in the comments.