ARTICLE SUMMARY: Inspiration, as designers we know just how important it is to our craft. Without it we would not be able to solve the problems that we do.

In this day and age of climate disasters, humanitarian crises, and what feels like the political upside-down mixed with personal crises inspiration may be hard to come by.

The science behind inspiration and how to design more of it into your life” by Minnie Bredouw looks at how in times like these you can find inspiration in a variety of ways. Minnie looks at

  • Defining Inspiration
  • Practice structured observation
  • Embrace creative momentum

Inspiration and design are interconnected aspects of the creative process, whether you’re working on a piece of art, a product, a building, or any other project.

Inspiration can strike at any time, and being open to new experiences and ideas will enhance your ability to find the creative solutions in design that you are looking for.

Remember, inspiration can come from anywhere, but the design process involves a systematic approach to turning inspiration into a tangible creation. Both elements are essential for creating meaningful and impactful work.

This is a great article, especially if your mind is bogged down and cluttered with the issues of the day.

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