ARTICLE SUMMARY: As designers we know how much time and effort goes into creating what a client wants. It is very time consuming. Let’s face it, developing awareness of your client’s business, looking for potential solutions through exploration and experimentation can be exhausting.

You’re finally done creating what you think the client wants and now comes the moment of truth, the presentation, the culmination of all your hard work is now on the line. Will it be accepted or rejected, this is the stuff ulcers are made of.

Your presentation is the most important part of design. Without a good presentation all that hard work could be for nothing. Enter Tanner Christensen. In his article “THREE WAYS TO MORE EFFECTIVELY PRESENT YOUR DESIGNS” he gives designers the steps it takes to help sell your design in a timely and efficient manner. He does an in-depth look at

  • Focusing on the audience’s needs
  • How to speak to specifics, not generalizations
  • How to listen more than you speak

When it comes to design and presentations nothing is ever a slam dunk success, as Tanner Christensen says “Presenting work can be stressful and intimidating, particularly for work in the latter stages of design. If you present work with a clear focus on what the audience will need to do with the shared information, with a shared focus on specific aspects of the work, and by allocating more time for listening and conversation than talking, the work and the team benefits.”

When it comes to selling our designs we need all the help we can get and an article like this is well worth reading.

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