ARTICLE SUMMERY: You can spend a boat load of money on marketing campaigns, but, if your landing page is poorly designed you could be throwing your money, or worse yet your clients money out the window.

In Lexie Lu‘s article “TOP LANDING PAGE DESIGN ELEMENTS THAT WILL INCREASE CONVERSIONS [GUEST POST]”  she takes the time to analyze some the landing page elements in an effort to help you increase your conversions. Some of the elements she has analyzed are

  • Professional design
  • Social Proof
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • CTA above the fold
  • Hands-on customer support

As Lexie Lu says, “A lot happens after someone clicks on a link (an ad, email, etc.) and is delivered to a landing page. The huge cost of using various marketing campaigns would only be justified if the landing page they’re connected to is performing well. Use the tips above to make sure your landing pages are optimized for more conversions. “

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