ARTICLE SUMMARY: One of the reasons languages are considered lost is because it is no longer spoken. Not enough is known about their grammar, vocabulary, or syntax to actually understand their texts. Without an understanding of a lost language there is no way of understanding about the people who spoke it or what they were like. For the most part records are so lacking theres no deciphering them using machine-translation algorithms.

TRANSLATING LOST LANGUAGES USING MACHINE LEARNING” by Adam Conner-Simons talks about how the advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning are enabling linguists to decipher languages lost to history.

This system will be able to

  • decipher lost languages with out needing advanced knowledge of its relationships to other languages
  • The system itself can determine relationships between languages

This is just another example of Artificial Intelligence enhancing our ability to search the past for lost knowledge at a faster pace than humans are able to.

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