Typography In Ten Minutes


At Darksquare we spend a lot of time curating articles with the intent of building a resource library to give practical and useful information on a host of design related topics. Whether graphic design, illustration or web design we try to keep you up to date on new ideas and trends. We also try and help you understand blockchain and the future impact it will have on the design field as a whole.There are times though when it’s good to go back to basics, especially in such a communication heavy field of graphic or web design where typography can make or break a website.

Matthew Butterick has done this. In his book “BUTTERICK’S PRACTICAL TYPOGRAPHY” he has put together a resource on typography that covers the basics from “Why typography matters” to “Page layout” and everything in between.

We at Darksquare feel that this is probably one of the best resources on typography you will ever have. We are interested in what you think about this, let us know in the comments section below.