ARTICLE SUMMERY: Typography can be a little confusing for the beginning designer and on occasion even a seasoned designer could use a little help once in a while. Therese Fessenden has taken care of that.

In her article “Typography Terms Cheat Sheet” Therese pretty much gives you all you need to know about type, and then some. She covers some well know type definitions and some not so well known definitions like,

  • Font effect
  • Font Width
  • Hanging Indent
  • A Gadzook

This article is a great resource to have at your finger tips when trying to communicate to a client why you chose the type you did and what you are going to accomplish with it.

Therese Fessenden concludes the article stating “Typography terms can seem obscure, but they don’t have to be. Share this cheat sheet with your team to help demystify these terms and enable clear and informed discussions. Better communication leads to better discussions, iterations, and ultimately, better design implementation overall.”

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