ARTI CLE SUMMERY: User interviews are valuable for gathering insights, but it’s essential to make the most of your time.

Depending on how you bill, the more time you take the less you make. Even if you don’t bill by the hour your loosing precious time you could be devoting to your project.

User interviews can be a time sink. Here’s 5 tips to be more efficient” by Rosie Hoggmascall helps you streamline your interview process so you can spend more time solving the clients problem. A few of the tips include

  • Keeping your user interviews to 20-minutes
  • Record & transcribe. But don’t make it perfect
  • Don’t do more than 3 → 4 in one day

By incorporating these tips, you can make your user interviews more efficient, ensuring that you extract valuable information while respecting both your time and the participants’ time.

You’ve heard it said before, time is money and no one understands that more than a designer. This article will help save one of a designers most precious commodities, time.

This is a great article, especially for the beginning designer.

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